“Love love love I think everyone should experience this it's so relaxing I have awful back issues and floating is the only time that I have absolutely no pain in any part of my body. Seriously the only time !!!! If I lived in Lubbock instead of Amarillo I would totally be there once a week.” ~ Kristie W.

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“I'm 6 months pregnant and slightly claustrophobic but I've been having trouble sleeping with leg cramps and restless legs... also, I'm afraid to be left alone with my thoughts for an hour! Ha. That being said, they tailored my experience and left the music on for me throughout my hour session, talked me through maybe leaving my light on and turning it off when I felt more comfortable, etc. and I LOVED it!! Only time as a preggie I've felt comfortable on my back and I think my little turkey in the oven liked it too. I only felt him roll around once or twice so I think he knew we were in a very relaxed state... I Even fell asleep at one point and did a few stretches that I haven't been able to do as of thus far.. definitely will be going back in my 3rd trimester!” ~ Trista S.